How Do I Give?

To Give Directly to the Samaritan Center. . .

Samaritan Center: Financial Donations

Click the link to the right to donate directly to the Samaritan Center. 

Scroll down the "use this for" button to find "Hope Twinkles Fundraiser."

Samaritan Center: Food Pantry

How the Samaritan Center uses food donations

Samaritan Center: Personal Care Items

Things we take for granted, that many struggle to get.

To Give Food. . .

We'll have Samaritan Center barrels at Hoope Twinkles, to collect non-perishable food and personal care items, if you would like to bring that kind of tangible donation.

To Sponsor a Player. . .

Contact the child you know directly, or contact Mrs. Francisco or Mrs. King for a worthy student to sponsor.  You choose the amount you wish to donate per 15 minutes of playing.  We'll keep track of playing time, and the student will contact you directly to redeem your pledge.

Below is a donor form for students to print out and write in their donors and pledges.

To Donate (cash or check) onsite. . .

We'll have donation cards at Hoope Twinkles, so you can donate to the credit of a particular player, if you like, or just to the general fund.  Cash is great, and checks can be made out directly to the "Samaritan Center", and write "Hoope Twinkles" in the memo.

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