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Our Story

Hope Twinkles began in 2017 as a way for music students to turn their music into donations for a cause.  Our first year we responded to Hurricane Maria, and the desperate need for clean water in Puerto Rico.  Then came the horrific Camp Fire in California in 2018, and we had the privilege of helping rebuild a music program at a burned-out academy.  In 2019, again the hurricanes brought devastation, and our efforts gave Grand Bahama Academy much needed scholarship and rebuilding funds.  And in 2020, the Easter tornados in Chattanooga, Ooltewah and Collegedale meant we braved the virtual world (thanks to COVID-19) for an online Hope Twinkles.

Thanks to the dedication and hours (and hours) of playing by these warm-hearted young people, we have raised over $23,000 for the various causes.

Now, as the Thanksgiving season approaches, our hearts turn to the hungry among us.  This time it's not a single crisis that has brought us together, but a realization that among our own community are those who are hurting, who go to bed with empty tummies, who can't afford soup or soap.  And we want to help. 

So what's with the Hoops?

This year, because of COVID-19, we're distancing--but we ARE playing in-person! That's why the hoops this year. . . . each player gets a hula hoop to mark their spot on the ground, so they know where to stand, and how far apart to be from the other players. That means we'll be more spread out than before, but just as excited, and playing just as beautifully. I wonder how many hoops we'll need. . . . ??

How a Play-a-thon works:

1) Students prepare lots of music! We'll play a good portion of the Suzuki violin/viola/cello repertoire throughout the day, plus other pieces.

2) Students ask sponsors to donate money in exchange for playing time. (i.e. $5 for every 15 minutes they play).

3) The day of Hope Twinkles, students play their hearts out! We keep track of their playing time, and donations they bring in.

4) After Hope Twinkles, students collect the donations from their sponsors, and turn them in to Mrs. Francisco or Mrs. King. Sponsors can also donate directly to the Samaritan Center through the donation link.

and the Ribbons!

Each Hope Twinkles has it's own colors. 

The first year, 2017, we chose sea green and blue, for the waters of Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria. 

The next year, it was red, orange and yellow, for the flames of fire that burned Redwood Academy down. 

In 2019, we chose the colors of the Bahamian flag (teal, black and gold/yellow), since our donations went to rebuild Grand Bahama Academy after hurricane damage. 

And in the spring of 2020, we chose gray for the tornado, and purple for Easter Sunday, the day the tornadoes ripped through the Collegedale/Ooltewah/Chattanooga region.

This Hoope Twinkles is a little different, because there isn't one color palate for hunger.  So we'll be honoring the two holidays on either side of Hoope Twinkles, with Cranberry for Thanksgiving, and Gold for Christmas (and generosity). 

WE PROVIDE THE RIBBONS!  Just ask when you arrive, and you'll get your own official Hoope Twinkles ribbons to tie on your scroll :-)

Check out one student's story about Hope Twinkles,

and her response to this year's event.

"Working in Harmony"

with the Samaritan Center

Hope Twinkles has had the privilege of working with the Samaritan Center several times in the past, and this year, we were chosen as the annual "Campaign for Community" partner!  Congratulations, Hope Twinkles!

The brochure is below, and you can view the video here.

Hope Twinkles online. . .

our Easter Tornado edition

Most of our Hope Twinkles events are captured only in our memories.  But the online edition for the Easter Tornado relief still exists on YouTube.  Here are the links to the 6 different episodes:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

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